Review: Lush Prince of Darkness Fresh Face Mask

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I’ve been waiting to review this product for a while because I wanted to see how it worked longer term before sharing my thoughts on it. I have no used the whole pot and wanted to let you know what I think!

To be completely honest with you all, the main reason that I bought this mask was because of the name… Growing up I was a massive Black Sabbath and Ozzy Osbourne fan thanks to my Dad and so when I saw a Lush mask named Prince of Darkness, I knew I needed it. After squealing for a moment at the time, I actually took the time to look at the ingredients and see what the mask claimed to do.

“Calling all creatures of the night, we’re on a crazy train, heading straight for scrubbed up skin. Satisfy your need for a bright, matte complexion with this devilishly good facial mask, made with absorbent charcoal to cleanse from the depths. Fine sea salt and lavender oil refresh and balance your skin while Fullers Earth delivers a plumping, boosting effect, without excess moisture. Indulge in a little darkness to bring brightness to all skin tones.”

Okay, so let me tell you a little bit about my skin. I have normal/combination skin that is prone to spots and can be very sensitive, and so when this mask arrived and I felt just how abrasive it was I did get a little concerned. To be completely honest, this mask DOES irritate my skin, but there aren’t many products out there that don’t. I used this once a week, on a Sunday evening as a little exfoliating treat for my skin. I will say I really do like this mask, however it is not one that I would used more than once a week and it is not one that I would used immediately before an event, as it makes my skin awfully red for a little while after (albeit incredibly soft, clear and plumped).

I would recommend this mask but I would also recommend getting a sample before purchasing it to ensure that it doesn’t react badly with your skin. You can purchase the full sized product here.

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