Review: Lush Jelly Bombs

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Please excuse the poor picture quality in this post, but as I was spending a couple of hours relaxing, the last thing that I wanted to do was take my DSLR into the bathroom with me… also for the fear of dropping in the bath… and so my iPhone will have to suffice!

Jelly Bombs are one of the newest inventions to hit Lush and as with most new and innovate releases from them, I was very very intrigued. The Jelly Bombs retail for £4.95 and there are currently 6 varieties available on the UK website: Secret Arts (which I believe is a renamed version of the Dark Arts one shown in this post and scented with orange, almond and cinnamon), Snow Fairy (the cult classic), Ectoplasm (scented with grapefruit and tangerine), Marmalade (again scented with grapefruit and orange), Green Coconut (as the name suggests, scented with coconut and cinnamon) and finally The Big Sleep (scented with lavender and tonic).

First up we have the Dark Arts Jelly Bomb (which I now believe has been renamed Secret Arts). This one I bought purely because of the name. I am a total sucker for anything Harry Potter related or themed and so I just HAD to pick this up. This was actually the reason behind the little order I made recently.

Let me tell you, I REALLY wanted to love this. I really did. But in all honesty, I didn’t. At first it was very bizarre. For one it took longer than normal bath bombs to dissolve and secondly when I actually got in the bath I slid and nearly fell out! Nothing something you want to happen when you’re trying to relax! I did like the look of it as is dissolved, the outside was black and the inside pink, giving the look of an oil slick. The smell was delicious and almost edible. The ‘jelly’ bit of the Jelly Bomb leaves a moisturising layer on the surface of the water which is supposed to melt away and disappear. Nope. The biggest reason I really didn’t like this was the black scummy layer around the side of the bath which took a good scrubbing once the bath had emptied. Not a fan of this one I must say.

The second I am going to talk about today is The Big Sleep. A relaxingly scented Jelly Bomb with soothing lavender oil and tonka absolute, this one is perfect for those looking for a super relaxing evening. I liked this one more than the Dark Arts Jelly Bomb, for several reasons. Due to the colour of this one, I found it much easier to clean the bath afterwards. This fact pleased me greatly and I found myself stressing less about the impending clean up. I was thankful for this because let me tell you, the last thing you want to do after taking a relaxing bath is to spend the next 20 minutes cleaning the damn thing. Although just like the other one, the jelly layer didn’t disappear as it was supposed to and the bomb didn’t completely dissolve. Anyway, I did enjoy this one, though probably not as much as I enjoy the standard bath bombs and bubble bars.

Would I recommend them? Umm, maybe if you really love Lush products and you are determine to try everything they release. However, the impracticality of them has put me off. I really REALLY love the bath bombs and the bubble bars and so these felt like a little bit of a let down for me. You should definitely try them for yourself and let me know what you think!

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    1. The bath bombs are delicious! My favourite products are actually the bubble bars and bubbleroons, you get way more bang for your buck. My faves are Ro’s Jam which smells like fresh cut roses and French Kiss which smells like Lavender and is so relaxing 😊

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